The New Media Field Manual is an aggregate of useful links & information for students interested in learning more about new media.  The New Media Field Manual is intended to be more of a crash course and a buffet, rather than a comprehensive database.

The New Media Field Manual is currently a work in progress, and with your help will grow to be a useful tool for many people.

Please submit relevant links with descriptions to sterlingcrispin@gmail.com . If you would like access to contribute regularly please let me know.

Special thanks to  Nicholas O’Brien, Lorna Mills, Andrew Benson for several suggestions. And thank you  to Stephen Wilson for a great number of references.

Newmedia.fm was started by Sterling Crispin in March of 2012 initially as a teaching tool for students taking “Art, Science and Technologies”. It was released on April 5th 2012 as a part of Speed Show: Extra Credit organized by A. Bill Miller.

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