Post-Internet Aesthetics

The Image Object Post Internet – “This PDF is to serve as an extended statement of artistic purpose and critique of our contemporary relation to objects and images in Post-Internet culture. More than anything, it poses a survey of contemplations and open questions on contemporary art and culture after the Internet.”


122909a – “Post Internet” A Project of the Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program –


HYPERJUNK: OBSERVATIONS ON THE PROLIFERATION OF ONLINE GALLERIES “Recently the topic of online galleries and their proliferation in the past year has been on the tips of many tongues. Specifically, the argument involves a musing on how the development of online venues for showing net-based work is providing a fundamental shift in the paradigms of traditional art market systems…….”


“Editorials, presentations, shows and other reblogs”


“Pool is a platform dedicated to expanding and improving the discourse between online and offline realities and their cultural, societal and political impact on each other.”


“This book is a tool to assist in stepping above our daily online routine, to reach a realm that lies somewhere between reading a principal religious text, watching a colonial documentary on savages, or looking at yourself in the mirror. This is the space where we ask ourselves what it means to be a human being today.”


“DIS is a fashion, art, and commerce publication that seeks to expand creative economies DIS does not distinguish between disciplines nor conform to aesthetic value systems. DIS explores the banality and novelty of product and image making. Updated on a constant basis, DIS Magazine is not issue-based: although issues are raised. These include but are not limited to distaste, dystopia, evolved lifestyles, new style options, disco, dysmorphia, and innumerable others. DIS is a collaborative project amongst artists, designers, stylists, writers, and friends.”


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